Sidang Media: Erykah Badu Nak Jumpa Rais Yatim... Tetap Mahu Adakan Konsert di Malaysia!! was with Erykah Badu at her press conference this afternoon where she tells us what she feels about Malaysia, its government, the ‘Allah’ tattoo, and her music philosophy

A young journalist asked, “All these controversies, does that mean people don’t appreciate your music anymore and would this affect your musical philosophies – those of love and peace?” Erykah had to pause a few times for tears started to run down her face.
Erykah Badu, in her loose tunic and casual bun, put her head down with a sad look. She was however calm throughout the 20-minute press conference.
“I won’t change. I would still do what I do. I won’t stop showing love through my music” the 41-year-old songstress assured.
Today, 29 February 2012, is right when Erykah Badu’s concert was supposed to take place. The concert has been cancelled following her  ’Allah’ henna art controversy. Pineapple Concerts, the organizer, received an official letter yesterday stating that their concert permission has been revoked.
On the Ministry of Information
“I still hope to meet the Minister (DSU Dr. Rais Yatim, Malaysian Information Minister -ed.). I totally understand the decision. If he talks to me, I would just listen to what he has to say. Although I don’t think he knows me and my music, I want to let him know about people who care about and want the concert to still go on,” Erykah shared her take on the issue.
Earlier today, Erykah tweeted The Minister, to show her good intentions.
“@dsuraisyatim a’kum. I am EryKahBadu. I understand your concerns &r espect your position. I & many others have traveled far. Meet w/ me.”
The Minister has yet to respond.
Erykah Badu (EB) responds to other questions thrown at her during the press conference:
Media : “The Minister said your concert was cancelled because you insulted Islam as a religion and Malaysian cultural values. What is your take on this?”
EB : “The Minister did not say ‘insult’. Please get your facts right. He did not agree with the values, and I agree with him”, she answered firmly.
When asked about her religion however, Erykah refused to answer.
On the ‘Allah’ tattoo
“The tattoo was inspired by the 70s movie ‘Holly Mountain’ by Alejandro Jodorowsky. In the movie, he did the same thing to show that every human being is one. We are all one,”
Erykah mentioned earlier on her Twitter that Alejandro is her favourite fimmaker.
“The series of body portrays Allah, Yahweh, God – every name we use to call Him.”
On Malaysia, its people, and culture
“If I were given another chance, I would love to come back here to Malaysia.I love the food, the culture, the people”.
On the controversial image, relationship with The Star, and the promotor’s take on the issue

Razman Razali, Managing Director of Pineapple Concerts Sdn Bhd
“Before promotional pictures were sent out, we have actually blurred the ‘Allah’ image as an act of self-censorship for we realized it might not be in line with Malaysian cultural values,” stated Razman Razali, Managing Directors of Pineapple Concerts Sdn Bhd.
“However, The Star published the non-censored image taken from Universal.”
“We are suffering from substantial loss, but we appreciate The Star who has adressed its apology to us,” Razman further stated.

The Star2apologized (again) to Erykah Badu via Twitter
When asked if she suffers any forms of loss, Erykah stated her only loss is ‘the lost chance to connect with the people here’.
With due respect, the promotor understood reasons for the concert cancellation, however they believe Erykah needs to be given a chance to tell her side of the story, hence the press conference.
Erykah: ‘I’m still here.’
“Everything happens for a reason. And on this 29 February, a special day, spread the love. It’s real, and I’m still here.”

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Tanpa Nama
1 Mac 2012 2:19 PG

Inilah kesannya bila menteri dan agensinya lambat bertindak...

hanya bila ada desakan dan bantahan br nak bergerak dan batalkan itupun saat akhir.

Tgk ramai yg menerima kesan.

Hakikatnya, menteri GAGAL jalankan tanggungjawab dgn sebaiknya.Sepatutnya ianya dah ditolak semasa permohonan diadakan konsert, itupun kalo agensi terbabit buat kerja.

Ini melibatkan imej negara kita..... Kenyataan ini, bukan bermaksud sy sokong konsert artis ini.

Tanpa Nama
1 Mac 2012 2:28 PG


Tanpa Nama
1 Mac 2012 4:00 PG

tak rugi pon kalo lost connection ngan minah ni. malu siot tgk nama Allah kat tempat2 terdedah camtu. btw, gantikan je minah ni ngan sape2 yg lagi bernas otaknya.

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